Tourist Places

Alamatti Dam, Almatti

Almatti Dam

The Almatti Dam is a dam project on the Krishna River in North…

Gagan Mahal, Vijayapura

Gagan Mahal

Surrounded by fortified walls and a wide moat, the citadel once contained the…

Asar Mahal, Vijayapura

Asar Mahal

The Asar Mahal was built by Mohammed Adil Shah in about 1646, which…

Upli Buruz, Vijayapura

Upli Buruz

Built around 1584 by Hyder Khan, is an 80-foot-high (24 m) tower standing…

Bara Kamaan, Vijayapura

Bara Kamaan

Almost in the centre of the city, and to the north-west of the…

Shiva Statue, Shivagiri


The 85-foot (26 m) tall statue of Lord Shiva installed by the T.K….

Ibrahim Rouza, Vijayapura

Ibrahim Rouza

On the western outskirts of the city, lies this exquisite group of buildings…

Gol Gumbaz, Vijayapura

Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz is the most famous monument in Vijayapura. It is the tomb…