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Upli Buruj

Upli Buruj :

Built around 1584 by Hyder Khan, is an 80-foot-high (24 m) tower standing to the north of Dakhani Idgah in Vijayapura. This is a spherical structure with stone steps winding round the outside. Top of the tower offers a commanding view of the city. This is also known as "Hyder Burj", "Upli Burj". On top of Upli Burj there are two guns of huge size. The parafeet this tower which was used for monitoring purposes has been fenced now. One needs to climb the circular stairs to reach the top. However except for this tower there is very little evidence of the citadel wall in this area due to rampant construction.

Almatti Dam

The Almatti Dam :

The Almatti Dam is a dam project on the Krishna River in North Karnataka, India which was completed in July 2005. The annual electric output of the dam is 713,000,000 kilowatts (KW). The Almatti Dam is the main reservoir of the Upper Krishna Irrigation Project; the 290 megawatt (MW) power project is located on the right side of the Almatti Dam. The facility uses vertical kaplan turbines: five 55MW generators and one 15MW generator. During the initial stages of the project, estimated costs were projected as Rs.1470 crores, but following the transfer of project's management to the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL), the estimated cost was reduced by over fifty percent to Rs.674 crores. The KPCL eventually completed the project at an even lower cost of Rs.520 crores.The entire dam was finished in less than forty months, with construction ending in July 2005. The dam is located on the edge of Vijayapura and Bagalkot districts.

Vishwaguru Basavanna

Vishwaguru Basavanna:

Lord Basava the great social reformer. He was born in Bagewadi(Basavana Bagewadi), a small village in Vijayapura District, in North Karnataka, also called as Ingaleshwara Bagewadi. Agrahara was an important place in town. The house of Madiraja the chief of the township was situated here. Basaveshwara was born to Madiraja and Madambike on third day of Vyshakha month of Anandanama year in Rohini star, according to the hindu calendar. [The year coincides with 1134 A.D.] Basavanna was a great saint, is considered Guru by some and some believe in him as an incarnation of Nandi, Lord Shiva's greatest devotee. This great soul lived in the 12th century. A true visionary of his time and a revolutionary who started a new religion Ligayatism or also known as Veershaivism, which literally means 'The brave followers of Shiva'. Basavanna's ultimate aim was to make this fundamental right available to each and everyone. Basavanna, keeping Welfare as the ultimate aim, he expedited programmes to take religion to the people. By preaching and writing religious literature in (Kannada). His samadhi is at Kudalasangama.